Kentucky Derby Breakdown…Republican Style

Tomorrow marks the running of the 136th Kentucky Derby.  Like betting on horse, makes picks for the current GOP leader for our next presidential candidate.  

Here’s the full article…

“This list represents a snapshot of a moment in time, with fluid odds and a constantly changing field. Keep in mind that if this list were compiled a year ago, Mark Sanford’s name would have been included – and possibly John Ensign as well. But that’s horseracing. Just ask the owners of Eskendereya, the consensus favorite to win the Kentucky Derby, who was pulled out of the race a few days ago.

1. Mitt Romney, 3-1 — Smart horseplayers bet with their heads, not their hearts. It has been said that Democrats fall in love, but Republicans fall in line. As such, the smart money is to back this horse, and that means the likely nominee will be Mitt Romney. Romney’s obvious shortcoming is that the health care plan he shepherded through the legislature in Massachusetts, dubbed “Romneycare,” is nearly identical to Obamacare. Romney finished in the money last time. This time, he’s the candidate to beat.

2. Sarah Palin, 7-2 – The lone filly in the race, Palin is disdained by the mint julep Republicans, but in today’s GOP, there may be more votes among the infield crowd, with its beer chests and lawn chairs, than in the clubhouse luxury boxes – especially in the primaries. This horse has a natural gait and heart, but she’s headstrong and difficult to guide – a tough customer for any trainer.

3. Tim Pawlenty, 6-1 — From hiring top political insiders to forming a leadership PAC, the governor of Minnesota is doing all the things he needs to do to be considered a viable GOP Derby contender. The knock on Pawlenty is that he lacks charisma. Knowing he governs a blue state, Pawlenty has wisely followed John McCain’s strategy of wooing conservative bloggers – a group that carries a lot of weight during primary elections. A live contender.”

Here are the rest:

4. Mike Huckabee, 8-1

5. John Thune, 10-1

6. Mitch Daniels, 12-1

7. Newt Gingrich, 15-1

8. Haley Barbour, 20-1

The rest of the field 12-1

Marco Rubio

Rick Perry

Rick Santorum

David Petraeus  

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