Joe Michaud for Dartmouth Select Board – THANK YOU!!!

Today is Tuesday, April 6 and I’m sitting here at the law offices of Joe Michaud located at 324 Union Street blogging while taking a brief break from phone banking.

You may be asking, why is Brock phone banking on a nice April morning?  Well, the answer to that is simple: today is Dartmouth’s election day & I support the campaign to re-elect Joe Michaud to a second term upon the Dartmouth Select Board.

You may also be asking yourself, why does this matter to me?  Well, that’s another easy answer: if Joe Michaud wins today, he is very likely to pull papers to run for the soon-to-be vacant 9th Bristol State Representative seat currently held by long-term incumbent John Quinn of Dartmouth.

Dartmouth comprises 10 out of 14 precincts in the 9th Bristol district.  As such, if Joe Michaud wins today, and especially if he wins well, then it will catapult him into the State Rep. race!

As such, I’m asking for your help.  If you’re nearby the SouthCoast today, and maybe even if you’re not, would you considering helping us out?

Again, we’re at 324 Union Street in New Bedford but you can reach us at 508-441-3170.  To learn more about Joe Michaud please see  

Thank you!

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