Joe Malone Statement On Cape Wind Approval

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April 28, 2010

Joe Malone, candidate for Congress from the 10th Massachusetts District, released the following statement on today’s Federal approval of Cape Wind.

“Many Cape Cod residents are troubled by today’s decision and they rightly oppose this project for a variety of economic and environmental reasons. What particularly stands out in my mind is the burden that this decision will place on the ratepayers of Cape Cod and the taxpayers across the 10th Congressional District.”

“This project is bad news for taxpayers, many of whom are already over-burdened and struggling to make ends meet. Cape Wind is economically unfeasible without subsidies and tax credits. That means taxpayers will pay for the $1.3 billion in public funding needed to build this project. These public subsidies and tax credits will not only offset any promised savings, they are expected to result in increased electric rates for Cape residents.”

“As Congressman for the 10th District, I will work hard to put our country on a strong course toward energy independence, but not at the expense of taxpayers.”

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