Help for candidates from the MA GOP? Highly unlikely….again

Hi Red Mass Group members,

I’m curious if any of you who are candidates or are helping candidates have had any discussions with the MA GOP regarding helping candidates.

I’ve been disgusted with the MA GOP for years because they have had a losing strategy for as long as I can remember.  Simply winning the corner office doesn’t bring balance to Beacon Hill, especially if the legislature is veto proof for the governor.

In past years, the MA GOP has put forward a slate of 100+ candidates and have done little to nothing to help.  I understand that it’s important to contest reaces throughout the state.  However, even those races that are profiled as targeted seats won’t get much more than some minor in-kind help.

I have met with the MA GOP.  While I like the individuals as they are nice enough people, I was very discouraged to learn that I have been identified as a top priority race but told to expect no cash donation.  In 1990, the year that the GOP did well in MA, many candidates received $3000 cash from the MA GOP among other contributions.  I’m not saying the GOP has resources to do that for all races – I get it.  But do any of you find it appauling that the MA GOP can continue to get away with not supporting financially to legislative candidates?

At what point does this change so we can gain a handful of seats each election and get to the point where we atleast can sustain a governor veto?

Very discouraging….

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