Face to Face with Earl Sholley

Not to long ago, I wrote an article entitled “Earl Sholley Continues to Impress” which has received numerous hits on the various blogs where it was posted from curiosity seekers around the country who are very interested in seeing Barney Frank removed from his   perch in the Congressional sphere of influence. My support for his campaign was also inspired mostly by my desire to send Barney his walking papers as well, not only for the depressing conditions in the 4th Congressional District following his 30 year reign, but for the great harm he has done to this country as the ranking member of the House Banking committee followed by his coronation as Leader of the committee which should go down as one of the darkest days in the History of the United States

Although I had never met him at the time I had researched him thoroughly at his website, http://sholleyforcongress.us/, and was convinced that we shared the same Conservative World Viewpoint. My impression of him was that his campaign seemed to be gathering momentum in the district following Scott Browns amazing upset victory in the January run-off elections for Ted Kennedy’s Seat which Scott quickly pronounced as the “Peoples Seat”. People of all political stripes were embarrassed and fed up with the antics of Barney Frank and his support for extremely radical policies which only seem to be growing stronger and more alarming as each day passed by.

Then suddenly republican Sean Bielat from Brookline announced his candidacy which was immediately followed by attacks on Earl Sholley which seemed to becoming from within the Bielat campaign according to sources within the Sholley campaign. Because as an outsider who really hadn’t made up his mind yet, I was troubled by some of the accusations regarding previous legal troubles which were pointed out to me by readers of my article so I called the campaign requesting clarification and ended up having a sitdown meeting with Earl Sholley himself at the Shamut Diner in New Bedford on March 29, 2010.

Although he was the same age as me, 62, he drove all the way down from Norfolk, MA in a pouring rainstorm handing out political leaflets as he walked in the door, introducing himself to patrons on the way in as Earl Sholley who is running for Congress in a very friendly low keyed manner

As our eyes met at the counter he said you must be Tom and we headed for a table. Immediately I was impressed as to how much energy he had and how fit he seemed to be which is encouraging considering that Barney Frank is now 70 years old. In fact one of the first things I noticed when he handed me one of his laminated information cards was the fact he was a five time finisher in the Boston Marathon and that he seemed to look younger than 62.

After ordering the Fish and Chips, a favorite at most restaurants in New Bedford, which is one of the largest fishing ports in the US a discussion ensued concerning the very powerful support Barney Frank has received from fisherman over the years. Immediately Earl shook his head saying that Fisherman should be allowed to control the fishing industry and not the government and told me of a conversation he had down at the warfs a few days before when a boat owner complained that it cost him $35000 last year just to insure his boat and went on and on about the countless restrictions and government regulations that he has to contend with which Earl would like to do something about it if they let him, but he’ll be fighting an upward battle with this constituency because fisherman feel pressured by their peers to vote for Barney Frank even thought most are not happy with there present plight .

Knowing ahead of time why I had requested this meeting after some of the comments I received from my post Earl Sholley Continues to Impress which was posted at the Red Mass Goup blog, http://redmassgroup.com/di… attempted to explain his battles with over intrusive government agencies at the state level who interfered with his ability to discipline his young daughter back in the early nineties who had a genius IQ, but  whom he felt was out of control at the time and in need of a spanking, which began a long crusade for the right of parents to discipline their children in a reasonable manner without  government interference. He has showed he’s not afraid to speak out nor will he be intimidated by those who wish to control every aspect of our lives, and has even received standing ovations from various civic groups that have investigated the charges which now seem to be helping his campaign rather than hurting him. Most of what he told me I found in an article posted at the Boston Globe prior to the 2008 election against Barney in which Earl entered the race late. See http://www.oneangryman.com/ken…

After hearing his side of the story I was ready to deal with the next critic who ignorantly accuses him of child abuse for pure political reasons. Anyone who says that is committing slander and if I were them I’d be very careful what they put in writing because Earl is on a mission to fight over zealous government intrusion wherever he finds it by government agencies and he’s not afraid to take them to court if necessary and suffer what ever consequences are necessary to make his voice heard on issues that he feels are important to the country. He is a true believer in the conservative principles of limited government and even showed up at the Tea Party Rally on the Boston Common on April 16, 2009 introducing himself to as many of these frustrated Americans as he could. According to campaign insiders the money is beginning to flow in from all over the country from people who feel strongly that Barney Frank’s power and influence must cease if America has any hope of prospering in the future and keeping their liberties in tact.

After listening to  Earl speak for almost 45 minutes at the Fund Raiser last Friday I was particularly impressed with the way he  started out by saying he was unabashedly pro life and had no intention of backing off that stance, unlike Sean Bielat who claims he’s pro-life but comes across as wishy washy when defending his position in press releases  (http://www.boston.com/yourtown/newton/articles/2010/02/19/brookline_republican_to_challenge_frank/) which in my opinion has the potential to scare many pro-life supporters away from  supporting Sean Bielat outright. Although in fairness to Sean the first time I met Earl he mentioned that he also believed the issue didn’t need to be out there on the front burner although now appears that both candidates do feel very strongly about repealing Roe vs Wade, although Sean sounds like he doesn’t think its possible, as noted in the above mentioned article.

Earl also spoke of favoring repeal of Obama Care and bringing jobs to the Fourth District of Massachusetts and America and supports Second Amendment Rights and gun safety; an Energy Policy that stresses Independence with sensible protections unlike Barney Frank who voted for no drilling, exploring, or developing our resources. He wants to downsize government, balance the budget, and strengthen the dollar and implement term limits which will end the professional politician class including his own tenure after two terms. He also wants to fight for a fair tax system that rewards hard work and believes terrorists should be prosecuted as enemy combatants in Military Tribunals

At his very successful fundraiser at Gallery X in New Bedford he closed his speech by saying although Barney may be backed by a powerful political machine with more money behind him at the moment he won’t find anyone more determined than Earl Sholley, and after having two face to face meetings with him now I’m convinced he in fact could be the one to pull off a second Massachusetts miracle and provide a Representative who will work to bring jobs to Massachusetts rather than socialism which is really what most people I talk to around here want more than anything else.

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