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Being new to the political scene I have some questions about convention and wonder if it would do the party go to have an everything you need to know about convention!  I was reading an editoral in T & G about convention and this is what was somewhere near the middle

Two weeks ago he tried to pay his convention fees to the state party with his own funds, but the GOP rejected the payment, citing state campaign rules. Mr. Mihos came up with a payment from his campaign accounts just in time to pick up 60 delegates allocated by the party and attend the convention as a candidate for governor.

So for paying for convention gives you votes?  

What else should I know.  I know that I pick up my credentials on Friday and there are lots of parties but what about proceedure?  What do I need to know about voting and being on the floor and other things?  Someone help me out here! I don’t want to make a fool of myself

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