Coming Soon: Spike in “Almost New” Dishwasher sales

Ah, the “Great Appliance Exchange”. Where have you gone?

In just a matter of moments, 6.6 million dollars in “rebate reservations” were gobbled up leaving people clamoring and the government promising another round in this “succesful” program.

So one might wonder … a succesful government program, how is that possible?

Here is the big secret. Give money away and people will come.

Go ahead try it. Go stand out on the street corner with a fist full of dollars and see if you are succesful at giving them away.

So lets take a closer look at the “great appliance exchange”.

From the fact sheet provided by MassSave (a division of YouLose) I see a number of smaller rebates for various appliance categories that work their way up to the biggest rebate, 250$ for .. a dishwasher? Hmmm .. Arent dishwashers kind of inexpensive to begin with?

So I checked and sure enough, a trip to your neighborhood box store would net you a qualifying “energy star” dishwasher for an everyday low price of 300 bucks.

If you cover the sales tax by tossing in a 10% off coupon that you can pick up on ebay, then for all intents and purposes you have yourself a brandy new and completly free dishwasher.

The only catch is that you must return a piece of crap washer when you recieve delivery of your gift. And I have just what you need out in my garage. Yes a lovely 1980 era Hotpoint that has been serving as a mouse condominium for years. Somehow I havent quite got around to forking over the 30$ that they want at the transfer station to get rid of it, and now for a limited time you can have it for ….. a brand new replacement.

A great big thanks to Deval and Obama for their generous gift. It is the perfect compliment to the central air conditioning that they bought me last year ..

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