Christy’s Unity Message

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From today’s Globe

Though his campaign has been dogged by financial problems and a steady parade of advisers leaving in frustration and confusion, Mihos remained a threat to make the ballot until the end. When the vote count came in, he pledged his support to Baker, calling him a “real Republican.

Someone understands the big picture. Thank you Christy!

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  • Thank you Christy Mihos.  We often did not agree & at times we got a little heated, perhaps overly so (I’ll share of any blame in that).  

    However, you ran a hard race and I don’t question that your heart was in the right place.  You wanted to have a better Commonwealth, and as Massachusetts Republicans don’t we all?

    Thank you for your race and thank you for your graciousness in your comments.

  • demolisher

    Thanks Christy, solid move.

  • ftt1975

    Thanks for running Christy and you support for Baker shows class.  WE need more of that. I was very disappointed in the members supporting Baker and those supporting Mihos booing the other Candidate.  It was dispicable behavior and should have no place at OUR Convention.  Remember Reagan’s 11th Commandment. I am a Christy supporter who is now a Baker supporter.  Both men are well qualified but only one can be Governor.  The decision has been made so lets WIN the election and send Deval packing!

  • I believe represents the ‘Brooks Brothers/Talbot’s’ front of the pro-homosexual movement.

    I still hope for evidence that I’m mistaken in that perception.