Christy, have you paid everyone yet ?

The question must be asked if anyone is to consider you a serious candidate for nomination this weekend. With the convention looming on Saturday, have you paid your former staff members everything they are owed ? If so, have they been paid what you promised you would pay them ? There is a difference you know. When people go out and bust their ass for a candidate, driving, calling,spending time away from family, it takes a toll on them. They expend more than just money. So when they are promised one thing, then get another, It doesn’t bode well for them helping out other candidates down the road. Never mind the folks who don’t ask for money yet spend some anyway. They just ask for you to be honest with them during the campaign.

Before you explode, Cliff, you must realize that

this is all relvent as to how Mihos would run his administation if, he got enough for the nomination, and, were elected as Governor. The circumstances are unfortunate yet, a leader, manager, a  businessman, would not have let these issues fester to the point of being ridiculous.  A leader who expects people to follow, would have sought out a resolution and settled the issues quickly and fairly to all parties involved, so not as to tarnish the image of said leader. Things happen in business and life, we know that. But, as we know too, it’s all how you handle them. It’s the cover up: Remember the stained blue dress !  

You see, I was a supporter of yours, a big one. I loved the message, the independence of not being bought, and all that goes with ” the outsider theme”. What I don’t like and understand is all the financial strife, confusion within your campaign, and the inability to get along with most anyone who has been involved. You keep telling us how successful a businessman you are and have been for 40 years with no legal problems. So why now all of a sudden ?

How about the lack of communication with people out in the field ? People who have helped out already haven’t even heard from you. Some people got a letter from you that said : Dear

Yes, no name, no acknowledgement at all.

This is something we do not need right now in Massachusetts. Our state is in a terrible way. We need stability, strong leadership, and the ability to bring people toward a cause to solve the problems that are crippling our state and municipalities.

If you cannot keep your own house in order, how are you going to the people’s house in order ??

So, has everyone been paid to their satisfaction ? If not, why should people support you ?  

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