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    Thought the $7,200 expense account thing was a little weak too.

    But who am I kidding, I’ll vote for a ham sandwich over Tesei.  So if there really is another candidate for LG, well roll him/her out here…otherwise I’m drafting Peter Porcupine.

  • The mystery candidate is better than the video, tomorrow should be fun. If the mystery candidate is a longstanding fiscal conservative and not a johnny-come lately to the cause they have this delegates vote for LG.

  • I plan to attend the Republican convention for the first time this weekend.  I don’t know much about the rules, but since Tim Cahill and Paul Loscocco are already going to be there, is it possible for people to just vote for just Loscocco for LG?  Please let me know about the rules ASAP and I will head over to the print shop by my house and print 500 “Vote Loscocco” stickers to help him become our LG and not Tisei.

  • Everything is going as according to plan – stay tuned.

  • Not the “mystery candidate”, how about the “unknown candidate”.  Here’s his warmup act:


  • Whoever posted this has hurt themselves or any candidate they would pretend to support.

  • Is he smooching Palin this week?  Endorsing Deval this week?  Buying a Scott Brown barn jacket this week?  Going to the Dem convention in June?  On one public payroll or two?  Tim Cahill is sooooo authentic – I completely trust him!!!

  • If Tisei isn’t a RINO then he’s a jackass in elephants clothing.