Charlie Baker: 100% Genuine on Tax Cuts.

Charlie Baker Charlie Baker is campaigning on reducing both the income tax and sales tax back to 5% from their current levels.  The left wing establishment on Beacon Hill has recently come back calling his positions “disingenuous” because he may not be successful in implementing the changes we as citizens have demanded.  No one disputes that Charlie Baker wants to cut our taxes, nor that he will attempt to cut our taxes, but rather dispute the probability of success in implementing the tax cuts he supports.

Why might Charlie baker fail?  There is only one reason:  because the Democrats won’t let him cut our taxes.  They control super majorities in both houses of the legislature and will deny him the votes.  Based on this argument, any policy position ever taken by any Republican running for any office could be called “disingenuous.”  While the liberal media establishment may play along, there is no merit to this argument.

In 2006, when Deval Patrick promised to cut property taxes, this was completely different.  Income and sales tax rates are set at the state level.  As Governor, Charlie Baker has direct influence over this policy.  In contrast, property taxes are set at the municipal level.  Deval Patrick never attempted to cut them, never wanted to cut them, and was selling us a bold face lie from day one.  While the liberal media establishment knew Deval was lying, they had no problem carrying his water, and cheer leading him into office.


There are others who have challenged Charlie Baker to name specific cuts he would use to off-set our tax cuts.  While this point has merit, it falsely shifts the burden of proof.  Our money is our money.  We do not need to justify keeping it.  We do not need to justify cuts relative to the status quo.  Government needs to justify every nickle of ours they take away.

The starting point for government spending should not be the previous annual budget, but rather $0.  Instead, government goes in the wrong direction.  The starting point is every nickle any department or agency would like to have in their soft padded budgets.  When government increases a budget by 10%, and they wanted an increase of 20%, that’s called a cut.

Even though naming specific cuts is not necessary for me to keep my own money, Charlie Baker has gone above and beyond Deval Patrick and Beacon Hill in this area.  He has made his pension reform plan a central part of his campaign.  Controlling these costs alone will do more to alleviate government fiscal woes than anything any Democrat has ever proposed.

Charlie Baker is 100% genuine in his calls for tax cuts.  Just because the Democrats won’t let them pass doesn’t make his positions any less true.  The only solution to this problem is to elect more Republicans to the State legislature.

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