Bench Scott Brown

Watching Scott Brown act as Senator is about as exciting as listening to his egocentric offspring perform with Tony Orlando.

Enough already.

This morning, I read that Brown sided with democrats in passing yet another unemployment extension without source for funding.

A chicken in every pot and a lollypop for one and all.

This is conservatism?

In the same set of headlines I read that the US government is now sending hundreds of billions of dollars in cotton subsidies to wealthy Brazilian cotton farmers to settle a suit by the Brazilians in international trade courts for the US subsidizing rich American cotton planters.

In a federal budget of hundreds of trillions of dollars, if congress cant find a few billion in cuts to fund unemployment now, then WHEN?

This would have been the time to make that stand.

Just maybe you had peoples attention for just this moment, but once the payola starts flowing again and Joe public is fat and happy in front of his TV listening to the likes of Ayla yelping, all interest is lost.

Another swing and a miss for Scott Brown.

Its time to bench him IMO>

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