“Bathroom Bill” may be snuck into Budget!

Massachusetts Election 2010

Rep. Joseph R. Driscoll of Braintree and Rep. Jason M. Lewis of Winchester have submitted an amendment to the budget to add the controversial ‘Transgender Rights’ (H1728/S1687) Bill to the House Budget.

In a cowardly attempt to avoid debate, media scrutiny, and an “up or down” vote, Rep. Jason Lewis is trying to sneak H. 1728: “An Act relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes” onto final passage of the budget as an amendment.  The far left knows that voting for the unpopular “Bathroom Bill” would be politically damaging to them, and the wish to avoid accountability with the citizens they claim to represent.  If this bill were actually popular, they would want to be on record supporting it.  They would enjoy popular signing cerimonies and campaign on it in their districts.  This is clearly not the case, and they know it.  Instead, hiding for cover of plausible denial is the way of the beacon hill insiders who actively work against the wishes of the citizens.

In this year’s Governor’s race the battle for moderate/unenrolled/centrist swing voters is being waged between Republican nominee Charlie Baker and Independent and former Democrat Tim Cahill.  This past weekend these two candidates raced against each other to see who could oppose the “Bathroom Bill” the strongest and fastest.  First Charlie Baker issued a flier at the Massachusetts Republican State convention stating in no uncertain terms his opposition.  It stated in no uncertain terms that he opposed the bill and would veto it as Governor.  Tim Cahill responded on Monday issuing a statement that he would also veto this bill.


The more people learn about this bill the faster they are oppose it.  Will they be able to sneak this through the budget loophole before the 2010 elections?

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