Arizona’s proof of legal status requirement – why not???

As you are well familiar, the state of Arizona passed a new law allowing law enforcement officers to ask people for proof of legal status.  The new law S.B. 1070 allows police to ask about a person’s immigration status when they suspect the person could be in the country illegally.

First thing to note is the violent and disorderly conduct of the pro illegal immigration democrats and leftists that has sprung up around the country as a result.  Many of these protesters can be seen here with their hate filled signs denigrating law abiding citizens as racists.  Other websites, such as this one, have actual film footage of the pro illegal immigrant movement threatening to kill Americans.

But, more importantly is the question of actually being asked for id that proves you are in this country ‘legally’.  Why is the left so threatened to be asked for id?  If they travel to other countries, even the socialist places like France, they are asked to present a passport.  If they buy alcohol they are asked for identification.  If they want to take advantage of the senior discount on coffee at McDonald’s they need to present an id that shows their age and therefore status as a senior citizen.  If they get pulled over for driving their Prius too slow in the far left lane they are asked for their driver’s license, which is simply proof that they are legally allowed to be driving.  If they borrow a book from the local library they must present a card that proves they are legally allowed to borrow such a book.  Most retail stores will ask for a license if the customer writes a check.  Senior citizens will always be asked to prove their age in order to get discounts.  Almost every major company requires photo identification to get through the front door of the offices in the morning.  Offering proof of who we are is a daily part of life.  Even now the federal and state governments require us to prove we have medical insurance ‘status’ or we are fined – possibly imprisoned.

Just today the site ran a story of how Boston Latin students will be required to prove their legal ‘Boston’ residence to attend that prestigious school.  Yet, no violent protests and/or death threats to law abiding Americans.

But we never hear of the injustice of having to prove ‘status’ or ‘residence’ until someone is asked to prove that they are not in this country illegally.  Then all hell breaks loose with hoodlums and gangs threatening violence.

Welcome to the new Tea Party.  The latest political movement is the violent actions of the Socialist or Progressive Anarchy Tea Party.  It’s just like the other Tea Party except these people tend to be violent, young, and without fear of setting things on fire, throwing bottles at police  and making openly threatening remarks against law abiding citizens.  

I guess it all boils down to one thing – if we aren’t allowed to ask a sitting US President for his proof of citizenship then why the hell should we be allowed to ask anyone else for theirs?

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