Angelo D’Emilia to kick off his campaign this Friday!

Angelo D’Emilia has filed his papers and is officially running to be the next State Representative for the 8th Plymouth District. The district includes Bridgewater, Raynham and Precinct 6 in Easton. It’s an open Democrat seat and a great opportunity to take a seat from the majority party. For those that don’t know the area, Bridgewater and Raynham went for Scott Brown 68% and 67% respectively and Easton wasn’t far behind.

Angelo is a local businessman and lifelong Bridgewater resident. He began to get involved as the Democrats on Beacon Hill took a bad economy and made it worse with tax hikes and anti-business policies. He will be a vote to lower taxes, cut wasteful spending and create a more business friendly environment in MA. Above all, he will put the interest of the citizens and taxpayers above those of the special interests on Beacon Hill.  

You can read more about him on his website or on facebook.

His campaign kickoff is this Friday at the Vets Club in Bridgewater. I hope a few of the area Red Mass Group posters can stop by. Come by to meet him, come by to hear Brad Jones and Vinny deMacedo, or if you’re SSR come by to buy me that beer I never got at the convention. 😉

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