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    Been out of work so long that I dont even get an honorable mention when it comes to extended benifits.

    But on the bright side, I like about 60 million other Americans, am not unemployed, because officialy I gave up looking …

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    and I can count on one hand the number of interviews I have had.  Luckily I can still get unemployment – at least for the next 8 weeks or so.  My COBRA is paid 65% by the federal government and the balance is covered 80% by the state.  I would estimate my benefits have totaled $50K over the last year.  That’s good for me….That is really bad for the economy.  I would much rather be working full time and earning my own keeps.  I can pay all my bills, but I am clearly not putting anything away for retirement or my kids college education.

    The big problem is that experienced mid-to-upper management types are not being assimilated back into the work force.  These are the people that had solid incomes that buy stuff – lots of stuff.  The most profitable segment of the economy has been cut out of the buying process.  Now we are left with wealthy senior executives and entry level grunts.

    I go to a couple networking groups per week.  I would estimate the salary of those people at $75K to $100K if they were working.  Many of them have not had steady work in two years.  I personally know about a dozen people that have moved, or are planning to move, out of state to find work.  Take a look at the foreclosure pages in the Boston Globe.  There are twice as many foreclosure announcements as job opportunities.

    So if Deval wants to add jobs to the economy it has to be good jobs.  Getting a software executive a job at $35K when he/she used to make $90K isn’t really a step in the right direction.  But then again, Deval is more concerned with making sure transgendered people have access to all bathrooms then creating jobs.

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    That no one should be able to get UI benifits?