A newly Resurgent Republican Party? Well, It Just Split in Half Yesterday!!!!

Yesterday I went to my first and most likely last Republican Convention as a delegate. The negative hand outs by the Baker campaign on another fellow Republican Christy Mihos, was and is outrageous! It clearly showed the negative campaign against Mihos in the newspapers came from Baker himself.

The Republicans in this state have shot themselves in the foot once again by picking Baker. A person backed by Weld, who turned his back on an American Hero in John McCain, and supported Obama. Baker will not get the Conservative vote from the Independents and he will need all of them. He will lose support from Republican Conservatives in a big way.

They, (The Elite) picked a Lt Governor candidate who voted against allowing the Voters in this state to vote on Gay marriage and who is now a co-sponsor of a bill that will allow a transgender to use woman’s bathroom facilities. This is disgraceful!!!

Where is the Republican Party Going? Left in a Big Way!! I can and will not support this left wing ticket along with other Conservative Republicans. This most likely will hurt the other candidates who are also running for office.

The Republicans at the Convention most likely put Patrick back in office for another four more years yesterday and the thought of this is disgusting.

A newly Resurgent Republican Party?  Well,  It just split in half yesterday!!!!

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