A Frightening Preview of What’s Coming to a City Near You?

Arizona has one of the largest criminal alien populations in the country. Drug Trafficking, Prostitution, Murder, Rape, Assault, and Robbery rates are among the highest in the country. Disease is rampant as hospitals crumble, schools collapse, and unemployment soars well near double the national average.

Continually betrayed by politicians such as McCain, Napolitano, and Kyl Arizona citizens eventually got their wish granted. A law criminalizing criminal aliens. Signed into law by Gov. Brewer, a courageous woman of integrity, the law gives Arizona a small hope of recovery from the ravages of the overwhelming hordes. So what happened just the next day?

A European American male, wearing an American flag bandanna (possibly a guitarist from ZZ top) was attacked for merely walking through the crowd. The Criminal Aliens and their supporters attacked police, assaulting them with objects such as water bottles, and verbally accosting them for protecting an actual, taxpaying, natural born citizen.

One wonders what would happen to this man should the police been overwhelmed, or worse… not there at all.

In 2006 we fought against Amnesty as hard as we could… and won the battle against Bush, McCain, and Kennedy.

Its 2010, we face another perilous struggle for survival as a country against even greater odds and more numerous enemies. Yet FIGHT WE MUST!  

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