Your Voice Matters – My new Web Ad on Niki Tsongas and healthcare

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Today I launched a new web video in response to Congress and the Administration’s effort to fast-track the $2.5 Trillion health care legislation. President Obama has claimed that there’s been enough discussion about healthcare and Niki Tsongas has been silent in response. We need to give the public the opportunity to review, discuss and express its opinions on this massive spending bill before a vote is cast.

Congress is scheduled for “Spring District Work Period” in just a few weeks-March 29th through April 9, 2010. District Work Periods are scheduled periodically throughout the year to allow members of Congress to return home to work directly with their constituents. However, Washington is planning a vote on the legislation just before lawmakers return home.

It is unthinkable that Niki Tsongas, who granted just two town halls in all of 2009, would cast a vote on the most significant legislation of her tenure, without giving the people a chance to weigh in on it.  We have had enough of a Congress who isn’t listening to us. Rep. Tsongas should refuse to vote until she returns to Massachusetts and she should agree to hold a series of Town Hall to give a voice to the people who are demanding one.

I believe we need real health care reform to reduce costs to consumers and that this can be achieved without raising taxes, massive spending or interfering with the personal relationships between a doctor and patients. Sign the petition today, and make your voice heard.



Jon Golnik

Candidate for U.S. Congress (MA-5)

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