The Weapons Given To Us…

This is very insightful as to the road ahead for Republicans. With principled representatives, which we should hold absolutely accountable, these weapons may lead us out of the swamp of statism.

Suddenly, the Republicans are focused like a laser beam. ObamaCare is too much, too fast. It has galvanized the GOP, and provided a spotlight for star turns by people like Paul Ryan and John Boehner. The Democrats have long coasted upon the inertia of an inexorably growing State. They will come to appreciate the danger of handing their opponents a simple banner of “Repeal!”, which they can raise above an electorate angry about being deceived and ignored. The American tradition is to elect representatives… and depose rulers.

Liberals used to sneer at George Bush’s cowboy rhetoric about being “with us or against us” in the War on Terror. Well, either you submit to ObamaCare, or you’re against it. There’s no middle ground left. The illusion of “pro-life Democrats” died with Bart Stupak’s integrity. The illusion of “moderate Democrats” will not survive the next few months. The tactical problem with shoving a gigantic government takeover down everyone’s throats is that mild objections become impossible. As one of the tag lines from “The X-Files” put it, while warning against the dangers of total government power wrapped in lies: resist or serve.

Finally, the Republicans have gained access to the most potent weapon of all: vision. The slow, senseless lumber toward insolvency is over. Social Security and Medicare have entered the early stages of meltdown… and Democrats laughed and applauded as they signed a bill that will add trillions more to our national debt. The endgame for American socialism is no longer a distant matter we can foist on our grandchildren. It’s probably less than twenty years away, and the continuing collapse of the private sector will accelerate it. There are plenty of unforeseen events that could make it worse, and very few that could make things better.

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