The Movement To Fire Pelosi Hits Massachusetts!

Hey Red Mass Group. I know you’re all as fed up with Pelosi as I am – and I’m sure you’re not a fan of the liberal Congressmen from Massachusetts that keep enabling her.

Well, my opponent, John Tierney was one of four votes that tipped the balance in favor of “PelosiCare”. Was it a surprise? No. After all, John Tierney’s career in Congress has shown that he’s perfectly happy voting the way Nancy Pelosi tells him to.

We don’t need a liberal Pelosi acolyte like John Tierney in office. We need someone like Bill Hudak.

I’ve made it clear that the first vote he’ll take in Congress is to fire Nancy Pelosi. I’ve also made it clear that the first bill I’ll sponsor is the repeal of “PelosiCare”. Please – help get me into Congress with a donation to my “Red Invades Blue Part Two” money bomb today – and you can help  me fire Pelosi!

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