The Boston Bruins Suck!

Growing up I was a huge Boston Bruins fan.  Back then I got all hyped up when two guys squared off at center ice and duked it out.  It’s not that I have changed, but back then the Boston Bruins didn’t suck.  They actually won games back then and would almost always be a leader in their division.

Things are different today.  The crowd is just as loud and excited, but the Bruins should spend a lot more time planning their next ‘win’ instead of their next ‘hit’.  Shawn Thornton, with his whopping one goal this season, clearly joined the game last night with one thing in mind – get revenge!

Getting revenge is all well and good when you have taken care of the business you were sent to do first.  The Bruins are sent onto the ice to win hockey games – not to fight.  So far they aren’t doing such a good job of winning games.  To date they have skated their way to second-to-last place standing, scoring fewer goals than their opponents.

Sure the fans enjoyed watching Thornton beat up Matt Cooke for his dirty check of Marc Savard in their last game together.  Sure everyone stood up and cheered, but in the end the Bruins lost.  And they will continue to lose because they can’t skate, check or put the puck in the goal as well as most other teams in the NHL.  They certainly can’t do those things as well as the Pittsburgh Penguins who are in first place in their division, and have won 11 games more than the Bruins so far this year.

Being big and bad only goes so far in this world.  It goes a little further in the NHL, but in the end the fans want to see a victory.  

Note to Shawn Thornton: You have played 65 games this season and scored only once.  WTF!  Keep your gloves on and start putting the puck in the goal.  

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