The Addition of Kumbaya to The technologies of Satan List

When the mere utterance of words, the percieved utterance of word sequences and or “improper” thought patterns surrounding the issues of race and sexual orientations are enough to bring about public stonings then I shall gladly part company with the left PC Kumbaya crowd.

What started this?  “Our” racist military.…

First off the disclaimer.  I truely hold that the United States as a country is past.  It has been hijacked by billionaire globalists led by the Bilderberg group.  They will have a global government even if it means nuclear WWIII.  The race hatred and advancement of sexual perversions are now a societal engineering program driven by the think tanks of the left.

That being said I will gladly stand next to the fine black man featured in Chicago’s latest video rather than stand being the globalist sell out nigger who occupies what used to be our whitehouse.

Do I completely and coherently illustrate my contempt for the business of deliberately provoking race and sexual tensions via PC social engineering?  The Clockwork Orange Orwellian thought police society.  The prozium society?

Never will I fill out a quesionaire based upon race again, census included.  Hey, if we are all “equal” then what is the deal about surveying and data mining for demographics.

Maybe perhaps the billionaries want us to fight amongst ourselves, kill each over off just so they can remain at the top of the food chain.

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