Thanks for stopping by Senator Brown!

US Senator Scott Brown made his first official visit to New Bedford today to meet with Mayor Scott Lang and Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson as well as representatives of our crucial fishing industry.

It seems just like it was yesterday, although it was really back in mid/late-September when Scott Brown visited New Bedford for it’s Working Waterfront Festival.  It was a pleasure & an honor for the Bristol Young Republicans & I to gather signatures for Brown and to take him around the area.

“It really comes down to how can I now, as the new U.S. senator, work with the delegation to try to address some of the concerns that the city has,” Brown said.

“When I look at (federal) funds, I look at, ‘Do they create jobs, and is it something that the communities want?'” he said. “If they want them, and it has been vetted properly, then my job is to try to go out and get the funds and resources to help create jobs and get the economy moving.”

After visiting Lang, Brown met separately with representatives of the fishing industry. The meeting included Dr. Brian Rothschild, dean emeritus of the UMass School for Marine Science and Technology, and was arranged by Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson. “It was an intimate session, a chance to really talk with him one on one and really get into meat of what the problems are,” Hodgson said afterward. “He is really interested in and understands the issue.”…

My only regret is that I wasn’t able to welcome Senator Brown back to the SouthCoast.  Brown has been no stranger to our area and I look forward to his continued visits to, and representation of, our area.

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