Swine Flu Update

To the few remaining survivors of the dreaded Swine Flu H1N1 Virus that are still visiting this website, here is the latest update.

These horrifying statistics from the Center for Disease Control:

US Deaths from 9/30/2009 to 3/16/2010 = 2,061

US States reporting widespread Flu activity = None

Percentage of vaccine wasted in Ohio clinics = 42% of the 3.7 million doses.

And though the scare prompted by a pandemic warning went unrealized the CDC is now strongly recommending that virtually all Americans get the vaccine.  By a vote of 11 – 0 the CDC wants all Americans to get the shot because they need to use the unwanted vaccines.

At past meetings, the panel stopped short of recommending flu shots for everyone. Panel members were mindful of a history of temporary flu vaccine shortages in the United States. They worried a universal recommendation might cause demand to far surpass supply and endanger those at the highest risk of life-threatening flu complications.

“Yet every year we wasted millions and millions of doses,” said Dr. Gregory Poland, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases expert who for years has passionately pushed the panel to recommend flu shots for all.

Massachusetts led all states in inoculation for Swine Flu with 36% of people getting the vaccine.  Nationally only 21% got the shot.  Massachusetts had 32 deaths and all but 5 had underlying medical conditions.  So Massachusetts can be very proud of the fact that it spent the most effort and used the most resources to stop an imaginary pandemic.

Gee, government control of health care is gonna be just great!

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