Style Changes At NPR & Globe

This week National Public Radio announced formal changes to how it will identify the eternal participants in the battle over abortion in America. They will no longer be called “pro-life” and “pro-choice” instead they will be called “abortion rights supporters” and “abortion rights opponents”.

This will likely upset some abortion opponents because the term “pro-life” insinuates that your opponents are “anti-life”, that’s useful in an argument when trying to convince one of the five people who is undecided on abortion.

While NPR made changes to its abortion language the Boston Globe may be changing how they reference so-called “working families”. In today’s Globe there is an article about Charlie Baker’s proposals for municipal employee benefits and reporter Jonathan Saltzman puts “working families” in quotations.

The “working families” meme is something that unions have used for a long time to create this myth that somehow there are families that work and those that don’t. How is a guy who owns his own business and works 80+ hours a week not part of a working family?

Maybe in the near future we’ll see a change from “public employees” to “government employees”.  

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