Style Changes At NPR & Globe

This week National Public Radio announced formal changes to how it will identify the eternal participants in the battle over abortion in America. They will no longer be called “pro-life” and “pro-choice” instead they will be called “abortion rights supporters” and “abortion rights opponents”.

This will likely upset some abortion opponents because the term “pro-life” insinuates that your opponents are “anti-life”, that’s useful in an argument when trying to convince one of the five people who is undecided on abortion.

While NPR made changes to its abortion language the Boston Globe may be changing how they reference so-called “working families”. In today’s Globe there is an article about Charlie Baker’s proposals for municipal employee benefits and reporter Jonathan Saltzman puts “working families” in quotations.

The “working families” meme is something that unions have used for a long time to create this myth that somehow there are families that work and those that don’t. How is a guy who owns his own business and works 80+ hours a week not part of a working family?

Maybe in the near future we’ll see a change from “public employees” to “government employees”.  

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    to what is now undoubtedly the worst newspaper in the country.

    Control the syntax and you can control the perception.  Control the perception and you can control the vote.  Control the vote and you can control the people.  Control the people and you have Massachusetts.

  • Is a UK based media think tank organization that professes expertise in managing the perceptions of your peasant population.  Far as I know they are/were listed on Janes as a military weapons system.

    If you are into real truth on the matter the abortion crowd can easily be tied to the Malthusian eugenics crowd, thus the Nazi master race and the whole holocaust deal.

    Either way did you expect less from National Propaganda Radio and the subsidiary of the pro globalist New York Times?

  • It implies that people who would allow choice for getting an abortion would also support choice not to pay for  abortions through taxes;, not to mention education choice for parents through vouchers, choice in paying lower taxes while allowing liberals to choose to pay higher taxes, etc.

  • Both terms used by “prolifers” and “prochoicers” conjure images to the respective benefit of each group while not being accurate.  Prolifers as a group are not prolife.  Not everyone in the group buys into the “seamless garment of life” philosophy which touches the issues of birth control and the death penalty.  And prochoicers as a group are for choice in only a very limited set of circumstances concerning one issue.

    There should be some objective terms used when describing these groups.  Pro-abortion and anti-abortion always seemed fine with me.  As I used them, it was always with an implicit [legalization] tacked onto the end.  This NPR change is closer to that, although they tack onto the end an explicit [rights].  I don’t think you can blame them since abortion rights is the status quo at the moment.  The pro group is in favor of the status quo, the anti group is against the status quo.

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    As publisher of RMG I have determined that the following style guide changes are warranted.  Pro-choice will now be known as pro-infanticide, pro-life will now be known as anti-infanticide.  

    Thank you for adhering to the new style guides.

  • I mean, to liberals, if you’re not in a union you can’t possibly be a “working” member of society, even though union rolls are dwindling by the year.

    As for the abortion terminology, I’m surprised it took them this long. I mean, why would they use the term “pro-life”? That makes the reader/listener sympathize with the abortion rights opponents, who, as we have been told, are all either radical Christians, sexists, rednecks, or all of the above.

  • I agree that it’s strange to depict some families as “working” and others as not. It is the same reason I can never understand why so many neo-cons talk about “hand-outs” to “welfare queens.” The vast majority of people who benefit from government programs are working hard and in need of help, and everyone seems to want to punish them because of some bad apples in the bin.  

  • The abortion debate used to be 50% pro abortion rights, 40% against, 10% undecided. That’s been shifting over the last two decades. We are now at a majority against abortion, so the pro-abortion people are looking for a game changer. This is probably part of that. They must think that “pro-life/pro-choice” isn’t working for them, so they are looking for new language.

    It isn’t going to change anything. The reason people are turning away from abortion is technological – better and better ultrasound technology is making people recoil when they see exactly what an abortable fetus looks like – e.g. a baby.

    Each time a family has a wanted pregnancy they are now circulating images of 3d ultrasounds of their baby on social networking site and email. Then of course the family members have to answer with “congratulations” and “what a beautiful baby”. That’s changing the dialogue one family at a time.

    Pro-abortion people are trying to make these 3d ultra sounds illegal. They passed it in Connecticut and there are efforts to do that in Massachusetts. Its going to fail.