Stephen Lynch: “No” on Senate Health Care Bill!

(Rep. Lynch has been summoned to the White House.  Will he cave? – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Congressman Stephen Lynch (D – MA) has been making the rounds in opposition to the Senate version of the health care bill and the procedures being used to pass it by the Democratic leadership.  The South Boston Congressman had voted in favor of the original house version and the “Stupak” amendment on abortion funding.  He did not state abortion funding as one of his main points of opposition.

This morning on Eagan and Braude 96.9 FM Lynch stated that he intends to vote “No” on the Senate Health Care Bill in it’s current form.  “If I have to vote on the Senate Bill right now as it is I would vote no.” said Lynch.  Lynch also referred to the “Deem and Pass” move attempted by the Democratic leadership as a “ploy,” a “prank” a “pathetic stunt” and that it “hurts our credibility.”  “The bill is so bad that they are trying to allow members to vote on it without voting on it” and “I wouldn’t insult the intelligence of the people who sent me here by trying something like that.” added congressman Lynch in his blunt and honest statements.  Listen to the interview here.

In an interview with Emily Rooney on WGBH he pulled no punches in his criticism of both policy and procedure.  According to Lynch, the House bill had “real reform” while the Senate Bill is “pathetic,” “has no real reform,” “is a disgrace” and so on.  This interview is embedded below.


According to the Boston Herald, Capuano and Tierney are also “undecided.”

Lynch, who serves as one of Pelosi’s key vote counters, said he also can’t support a proposed “deem and pass” procedure that would allow Democrats to vote to strip out controversial portions of the Senate bill and then “deem” that the entire package has passed without a second, direct vote.

“It’s disingenuous,” said Lynch, who considers unfair a Senate provision to tack a surcharge on higher-end health plans. “It would really call into question the credibility of the House.”

Other Democrats have countered that the “deem and pass” tactic has been employed before, including when Republicans were in the majority in Congress.

Congressman Lynch was also on WRKO with Feinberg and Finneran 680 AM this morning.  He has been making the rounds.

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