Repeal? With Poll


Since the passage of the health care reform bill there have been calls to repeal the bill. Do you think the GOP will actually repeal it?

Remember: A veto proof majority in the House requires 290 votes and in the Senate it requires 67 votes. To repeal the bill, the GOP needs to pick up at least 78 Democratic House seats, and 16 Senate seats.  

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  • eury13

    Rs currently hold 41, not 51.

    Also, Rs currently have 178 House seats according to wikipedia. So you’d need to pick up 112.

    I don’t think it’ll happen this year.  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I think the money is on having one of the 38 states file a legitimate lawsuit proving the health care bill/law is unconstitutional.  The Attorneys General from several states are building a case as we speak.  And, with a still relatively conservative SCOTUS it could be our own little surprise.

  • 10th amenedment rights

  • What if the left decides to do away with even having any more elections in the future? Remember when people denied that gay marriage would ever become a controversial issue?The possibility is really there for no more U.S. elections.