Rasmussen: Brown high approval, Baker Surging, Mihos&Cahill fading, Deval Sinking

The latest Rasmussen poll numbers are out for Massachusetts and they paint a good picture for Republicans in the Commonwealth.  Scott Brown has a 70% approval rating, Deval Patrick continues to have an approval rating in the tank 61% disapprove of his job performance, and Baker is surging while Cahill fades.

Since Brown promised specifically if elected to vote against the president’s health care plan, it’s not surprising to find that just 35% of those who Strongly Favor the plan approve of the new senator’s performance to date. However, 96% of those who Strongly Oppose the plan approve of how Brown is doing.

Thirty-eight percent (38%) of Massachusetts voters think the media is paying too much attention to Brown, while just six percent (6%) think he’s not getting enough media attention. Nearly one-out-of-two-voters (49%) in the state, though, say the coverage is about right.

Recent coverage has focused on Brown’s decision to be one of a handful of Senate Republicans who at least initially have supported a jobs-creation plan proposed by the president and congressional Democrats. Because Brown’s victory has been attributed in part to the so-called Tea Party backlash against the president’s big government agenda, he has been criticized by conservatives for supporting Obama’s jobs plan.

Thirty-six percent (36%) of Massachusetts voters have a favorable opinion of the Tea Party movement, while 41% view it unfavorably. Only 13% of voters in the state consider themselves a part of that movement.

Fifty-three percent (53%) of voters in Massachusetts think it would be better for the country if most congressional incumbents were defeated in November. Twenty-five percent (25%) disagree.

Voters are evenly divided over whether their own local representative in Congress deserves to be reelected: 38% say yes, and the identical number (38%) say no.

The Governor’s numbers are available if you pay for access in the crosstabs.  They don’t paint a great picture for the Governor.  In a head to head race Baker is virtually tied with Patrick with Cahill over 10 points behind.  Exact numbers will be released tomorrow.

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  • He will slowly come to realize he won’t have enough money to be competitive.  Baker is 10 points ahead and he hasn’t spent a dime on advertising.  Cahill better start spending the precious $3M he’s been raising since 2002 – or he needs to pack it in.      

  • The voters will not be fooled.  Tim’s been on the public payroll for what, 20 years?  Sometimes double-dipping.    Time to move along, fake independent…you are toast!  

  • I’m not an expert when it comes to polls, but I can’t see how we can elect someone who had such a prominent role in the Big Dig.  Especially when we have to manage the costs of the crazy healthcare mandates.   I don’t like where we are going with Healthcare on the National level and I think MA has failed to manage the costs associated with universal coverage here.  Having an executive from the health insurance industry is very troubling.  I’m still waiting to see Baker’s proven record of fiscal conservatism.  

  • I admit I’m a one trick pony. But the Globe stated no candidate has won the corner office since 1998 without spending at least $10M. Cahill will come nowhere near $10M, and as a result, will come nowhere near the corner office.  He’s dead politically and he knows it.  So do his brilliant McCain strategists – but they will suck him dry anyway.  

  • Timmy Toast better dip into his kitty before he slides further into the teens. Problem is he’s got a Catch 22 on his hands: Once he spends campaign cash it’s gone for good because he hasn’t demonstrated the ability to replenish. Option two: try to preserve the cash until fall, but by then, he’s hovering in the single digits. Maybe he should’ve bought more Super Bowl ads.