Proud to join the “Save Our Communities Coalition”

I’m proud to report that I have joined the “Save Our Communities Coalition” – a team of local officials from across the state pushing for municipal health plan design authority.

Here’s what this group is all about (from the Coalition’s website):

The Save Our Communities Coalition, a partnership of Massachusetts mayors, city and town managers, and members of local boards of selectmen, has joined together to advance state legislation aimed at lowering municipal health care costs. The group initially convened at the request of Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino to discuss how cities and towns can control rising employee health care costs without the authority to modify health plan design, as it stands under the current state law… its goal is to advance legislation that will enable local leaders to control health plan design for a more efficient use of taxpayer money.

I’ll post updates about the Coalition’s work as things progress.

For more information, visit the Coalition’s web site here:

My own blog’s post on this topic is here:


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