Perry’s Patriots is up and running!

( – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie)

(Editors note:  Rob Willington, the new media guru from the Scott Brown campaign, is doing the new media for Jeff Perry!  You can join me by signing up for Jeff Perry’s Patriots by following the graphic link.  – Mike “DD4RP Rossettie)

Jeff Perry Patriots  Please join Perry's Patriots, your activist network to empower you at your local level to coordinate with fellow Patriots to push Jeff Perry to victory this fall.

About jeffperry

  • A movement requires a leader to step forward and accept responsibility.Jeff Perry has picked up the standard of American exceptionalism and said:Follow me! Jeff Perry is running to be the next Representative from the Massachusetts 10th Congressional District. Today I joined Perry’s Patriots, for I know it is Jeff Perry’s objective to keep our Republic a nation of laws. It is our birthright and our duty as citizens to protect and defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Jeff knows this; he lives it; he will defend it.

    Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to join Perry’s Patriots-Follow me!

  • Dont be shocked if you see a trademark infringement. Looks a like Elvis Patriot’s twin brother.

  • FYI – We purchased the the right to use the logo. It is perfect as it combines my views of limited government, being true to the Constitution and also has a local flair.  Hope to earn your support along the way to victory.

  • Three cheers for Perry’s Patriots.

    All who have ever worked with, dealt with or have been helped by Jeff Perry know how hard he works and that he is a true Patriot.  

    He is obviously way ahead of all the challengers to the 10th Congresstional seat… in his organization, appearances and social media.  

    Go Jeff go… and your Patriots will follow!