Nancy Pelosi in 2006 called for a full investigation of Speaker Hastert over Foley

CSPAN just released it’s entire video archive on the web.  It has also allowed for the videos to be embedded on other websites for the first time.  This new functionality is a former oppo research guy’s dream.  

For instance we can now easily find out what then Minority Leader Pelosi thought about the Mark Foley scandal, and what sort of actions should be taken regarding the then Speaker Denny Hastert.  Let’s take a listen to Nancy Pelosi shall we?

Wait, a full investigation with the Speaker testifying with a time frame of 10 days?  You don’t say Madame Speaker?  Would you care to hold yourself to the same standard?

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  • When your mamma told you that the rules don’t apply to Democrats?  Jeez… anyone with a high school diploma knows that! hahaha

  • I’m sick of waiting for the dinosaur media to get off their butts and finally ask these people “where is the cleanup of Washington you promised?” What happened to doing away with the culture of corruption?”