Max Power for Earth Hour!

March 27 at 8:30 PM local time.  Don’t put the electrical space heaters away just yet!  Make a statement on earth hour by maxing out your energy use.  May I also suggest burning plastic, well maybe just say you are going to burn plastic cause that does make a nasty toxic mess.

Now I will also point out there is a video from 1958 all about the oceans rising from all the CO2 we were pumping into the atmosphere way back then so it isn’t even an original scam.

I will also bring up mainstream coverage of the geo-engineering projects which of course never did exist such as chemtrails and HAARP even if there is extensive documentation of both.

Would it be even better if we waited until all the boffins shut their stuff off and then create a sudden surge, say at 9:00PM.

Poke some holes in the scam of Al Bore.

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