Keith Lepor Running for MA 9th, facing critics for no previous “political office”

(The video is amazing.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Keith Lepor is running for a seat in the 9th Congressional District against current incumbent Stephen Lynch.  I am a big fan of Keith, and I work as one of his volunteers.  In talking to him, I found some footage of his previous career (up until he decided to dedicate his time to running for political office).   Currently, any news media he seems to encounter dismiss him as "not qualified" to run for Congress.

I know this is not a direct correlation by any means, however, I will ague the following:

If a man is willing to put their own life in jeopardy in order to document what our men and women of the US Armed Forces are doing around the world on behalf of their country, then that speaks volumes about something that is lacking in our current "professional political" environment:  integrity and character. 

This guy is worth getting to know.  He was a Jimmy Fund kid, came from a single parent household, and has seen the evil in the world that threatens our nation.  That is not something that should be easily dismissed.

This video is an example of what our troops face every day in Afghanistan and other hostile environments thoughout the world.  In the video, Keith (who was working with the US Marines as a NATO Combat Photojournalist) is hit by a sniper round, and his life is saved by two US Marines.  It is not often that people have a video copy of the moment that changed their lives.  This is what made him want to run for congress (as he tells me).  This is why I support him.  His actions speak much louder than polished words.




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