Jordan Gehrke you are on the clock

From a diary posted by Jordan, Tim Cahill’s Campaign Manager, called I’m a Conservative Republican–and I’m working for Tim Cahill, Jordan was asked for an answer relative to the accusations of pay-to-play crap happening in the State Treasurer’s office. The diary and comments were posted on 3/21, six days ago. Subsequent to that the Herald has made an accusation that Treasurer Tim failed to live up to his responsibilities related to disclosing his concerns related to the fiscal stability of the Commonwealth as it related to bond offerings. Well Gordan, you come bearing gifts of wonder and joy. You arrive with the wonderful news that Treasurer Tim is the Commonwealth’s conservative lifeline. I, for one, think that now that church is over, a response is due to the good people of the Commonwealth. Perhaps a response is due to those that use this forum to discuss and share and disagree. You, my friend, are on the clock.

A couple quick thoughts (5.00 / 2)

Good morning, Red Mass!

I am running out the door to make it to church on this fine Sunday morning so I don’t have the time I would like at the moment to respond to everything here individually. I will be back here later with some more comprehensive answers.…

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