Joe Malone Launches Radio Campaign – The Malone Report

The Joe Malone for Congress campaign announced today that they have taken to the radio airwaves with the Malone Report. Each week Joe will discuss another issue facing the country and 10th District. Malone said, “I plan on staying in close touch with the people of the district through these radio spots. I look forward to hearing feedback from citizens who share our concerns about America’s future.”

Week of March 29th: Malone Report – Bond Rating At Risk

           An article from on March 22nd points out that our spending and borrowing at the federal level is so out of control that our AAA bond rating is at risk. They cite as evidence the fact that this year, seven percent of our taxes will go to debt service and in three years, that number will swell to eleven percent.

           To make matters worse, President Obama’s budget proposal for the next ten years will create bigger deficits every year, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

           This insanity must end. It’s time to tell the Washington politicians enough is enough. Bigger government with higher taxes and more borrowing will destroy the American Dream.

           Let’s revive that Dream by putting our faith in the American people and the free enterprise system that made this country great.

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