Inside baseball on Karyn Polito for Treasurer

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Hello everyone. Is it appropriate to say long-time, first-time?  Although I’ve posted on stuff unique to my campaigns, this constitutes my first bona fide contribution to RMG.

As many of you may know, I have officially accepted the position of campaign manager for the Karyn Polito for Treasurer Campaign.  As a fellow hard-working candidate who loves the trail, I have been nothing short of amazed at Karyn Polito’s tireless campaigning.

But what I wanted to share with the RMG community is an early look from behind the scenes ahead of our month-end ocpf reporting deadline.

As someone who is no stranger to picking up the phone and dialing for dollars, racing against the clock to put together events and leaving no stone unturned, I am amazed at Karyn’s ability to pull together just over $98,000 in under 4 weeks.…

I also am predicting that with 2 more hastily arranged events that are generating huge enthusiasm, she will likely pull in $100K+ ahead of tomorrow’s cutoff date.

Way to go Karyn!

Where we could use some help is collecting signatures to ensure she makes it on the ballot.  To that end, we’re launching (like everyone else) a statewide signature drive on Saturday and could use your help.  E-mail and let me know if you can help this weekend!

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