Highlights of the final House Bill on Healthcare

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The text has been released and the details are now being scrutinized.  Here are some of the final details of the bill before the House to be voted on this Sunday.

1. Very few of the healthcare program benefits take effect until 2014.  So why the rush?

2. $940 Billion cost.  Or as Democrats say “Substantially less than a trillion dollars”.  

3. Major expansion coverage starts in 2014 leading to a 95 percent coverage rate.  So it is not actually universal and there will still be millions of people left without insurance.

4. Healthcare will be mandatory or face a penalty and fine.  Big Brother is watching.  

5. Insurers would be forced to cover people with pre-existing conditions and there would be no limit to the lifetime coverage.  In other words, this is no longer a profitable business for private health care companies.

6. Sen Mary Landrieu will get her $300 million deal.  aka the Louisiana Purchase.  

7. Higher taxes on Cadillac health insurance plans.  But I am sure there is a special rule for union bosses that have those Cadillac plans.

8. Increased Medicare payroll taxes to investment income.  That is a tax directly on you and me…..

9. Seniors get a $250 rebate on drug coverage.  The price to buy a senior vote is now down to $250.

10. Seniors begin getting 50% discount on drug coverage in 2011.  If they live that long…..

11. Businesses are not required to give coverage to employees, but if they don’t they pay a $2,000 fine for every person employed in the company – even part timers.  This is a crippling tax on small business.

12. Uninsured can get insurance through state exchanges.

13. Abortions are allowed to be covered, but due to bookkeeping rules the monies would be kept separate from regular funds.  State exchanges can ban abortion coverage, but the federal government overrules that when in the event of a rape, incest or the life of the mother is endangered.

14. Only one Republican idea was incorporated into the new bill.  The increase in Medicaid payments to PCPs as proposed by Grassley.

15 The federal government reserves the right to expand this health care program as it sees fit at any time in the future.  And as we know entitlement programs are NEVER EVER repealed.  Once in place this program is here to stay.  

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  • nomad943

    Just imagine what that will do for pay scales in general, assuming that there will be any jobs. My guess is that the underground economy will be thriving again; and thats a big plus for deficit reduction isnt it? lol

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    The federal government has no right to regulate business unless the conduct of that business crosses state lines.  Most people get their healthcare from an instate provider.  So if I get my healthcare insurance from a Massachusetts insurance company – and I visit only Doctors in the state of Massachusetts – why does the government get to have a say in it?

    Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3, of the Constitution empowers Congress “to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among several States, and with the Indian Tribes.” The term commerce as used in the Constitution means business or commercial exchanges in any and all of its forms between citizens of different states, including purely social communications between citizens of different states by telegraph, telephone, or radio, and the mere passage of persons from one state to another for either business or pleasure.

    Intrastate, or domestic, commerce is trade that occurs solely within the geographic borders of one state. As it does not move across state lines, intrastate commerce is subject to the exclusive control of the state.

    That quote from here.

  • What is wrong with any of it?

    Its about time

    Don’t like it, then don’t let the door hit you on your way out but Rushbo’s fat ass will probably crack the door anyway.

    America, Love It Or Leave It.


  • Here is a couple of more for your list:

    16) Federal government usurps the student lending market by prohibiting all banks from being in the student loan market except for a bank in North Dakota (wonder how that happened).  

    17) We will be paying higher taxes, etc. for the next four years AND paying for our health insurance AND paying higher taxes and fees in MA to pay for the MA health care experiment.  How does this save money?

    I am shocked that there is little to no attention being paid to the inclusion of the student loan provision in the health care bill.  The student loan change supposedly results in budget savings over the next ten years except the CBO is required to use assumptions for defaults that can be described as “rosy” to say the least.  Let’s take this out and deal with it separately, it is a health care bill after all.

  • Says 50% discount on drugs.  That won’t matter when there is a 200% increase in issuance of prescriptions because as Dr. Obama said, “maybe you could just take a pill instead of getting that surgery.” (not the exact quote but close enough – too lazy right now to dig up the video of it. Bite me if you don’t like it.)