Hack of the day: Doug Rubin

After a long hiatus someone has finally done something so egregious as to earn our coveted Hack of the Day award once again.  Today’s honor goes to former Patrick Chief of Staff and current campaign consultant Doug Rubin.  The Boston Herald is reporting that Rubin cashed out with $11,000 in vacation days.

Gov. Deval Patrick’s tough talk on vacation pay perks in state government has landed with a thud in the Corner Office where his top strategist and 21 other exiting staffers cashed in more than $90,500 in unused vacation days last year.

Three of Patrick’s ex-staffers, including former chief of staff Doug Rubin, got $11,000-plus in vacation pay upon leaving. Rubin, who made $128,000 as his top dog, now acts as the governor’s re-election campaign guru, refused to comment.

But the governor, who blasted Massport for its buyback program on vacation and sick days, vowed to check into his own office after being informed by the Herald of the vacation time cash-in. “We want consistent policies throughout state government,” Patrick said. “I’ll have to look at it.”

There are those that say there is a hack vs. Patrick Administration culture on Beacon Hill.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Deval Patrick and those closest too him are Kings of the Hacks.

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