Government – what it should be

In a healthy representative democracy, the Governor and every legislator would  understand that the role of government is to:

1.  Provide common infrastructure* by spreading the costs across society in a fair manner;

2.  Ensuring that those who cannot care for themselves receive good care; it is the moral duty of the strong to care for the weak.

3.  Be competent, suitable to the needs of the day, and able to adapt to changing conditions in an open minded, intelligent manner.  Defensiveness or narcissism in those who govern kills democracy and vulnerable human beings.

4.  Avoid a hereditary class of rulers and nourish the representative democracy fought for during the American Revolution.  Just because someone’s father or grandfather was a legislator or judge should never be the reason they now hold the power to govern.

5.  Follow the statutory Open Meeting, Freedom of Information Act, and procurement protocols whether or not some ancient law exempted your agency or house in the legislature from good government laws; sunlight and air lead to healthy government.

*Infrastructure includes, but is not limited to:  roads, bridges, dams, communications including broadband, a suitable k-12 public education for all, health care and health management (swine flu and cigarette smoking are but two examples of health management issues), public safety, access to justice (courts, indigent defense), civics education both in school and ongoing though use of the media as to what government is and what the duty of the governed should be, incarceration with effective rehabilitation, good stewardship of public assets (parks, beaches, museums, etc.), accessible career education including community colleges and public universities that have safe buildings and fair tuition and fees and prepare for today’s and tomorrow’s employment, and long range planning free of contamination by special interests and open to real civic engagement.

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