Glenn Reynolds at least honest

Glenn Reynolds of “Instapundit” blog fame is often mistakenly described as a conservative blogger, but he identifies not as a conservative but as a “libertarian transhumanist“, because he recognizes that, as I put it in a diary here last month, There is no place for Transhumanism in Conservativism, they are perfect opposites.  Indeed, there is not even a place for libertarianism, but especially no place for libertarian transhumanism.

It would be good if other liberatian transhumanists here followed his lead, and stopped misrepresenting themselves as conservatives.  (My handy measure for determining if someone is a transhumanist is their attitude toward genetic engineering of human beings: everyone that thinks it should be allowed is a transhumanist, everyone that thinks it should be prohibited is not a transhumanist.  A “libertarian transhumanist” is a transhumanist who opposes government regulation of genetic engineering, a “democratic transhumanist” (James Hughes, Dale Carrico) is a transhumanist who believes it should be regulated by the government.

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