Former Governor Bill Weld endorses Joe Malone for Congress

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William F. Weld

March 23, 2010

Dear Friend,

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse Joe Malone for Congress in the 10th District.

For me, this is a choice that I make with great first hand knowledge of Joe.

As you know, in the 1990’s I was governor while Joe was state treasurer.  During those years, I observed a man who was dedicated to the people of Massachusetts.  A strong fiscal conservative, Joe displayed his intellect, courage and integrity on a daily basis.  He was and is a tenacious champion for the taxpayer and the free enterprise system.

As treasurer, Joe reduced his operating budget by 62% during his eight year tenure.  He took our pension fund performance from among the worst in the nation to the very best.  He also made the Massachusetts State Lottery the most efficient in the nation.

Joe’s impressive leadership qualities are exactly what we need in Washington today.  He’ll fight to restrain spending, cut taxes and revive our economy.  Joe knows just what it takes to get America moving again.

I hope you’ll join me as a proud supporter of Joe Malone for Congress.

Yours truly,

William F. Weld

About Joe Malone

  • Joe, in case you missed this….

    Bill Weld, October 2008:

    Senator Obama is a once-in-a-lifetime candidate who will transform our politics and restore America’s standing in the world. We need a president who will lead based on our common values and Senator Obama demonstrates an ability to unite and inspire. Throughout this campaign I’ve watched his steady leadership through trying times and I’m confident he is the best candidate to move our country forward.

    Bill Weld’s endorsement isn’t going to help you in the primary my friend — the guy has lost all of his credibility and is a total joke.

  • I wasn’t actually going to get that involved in the Perry-Malone race, but this just about motivates me to send a check to Jeff.

  • cfblake2

    Rino’s for Rino”s

    sounds like a store like toys r us.LOL

    Hey Rob Do A Podcast with Christy Mihos before April Please

  • Jeff Perry

    Welcome to RMG Joe.  I’m glad to have you here, but my support is spoken for.

  • Or swimming in the Charles or both.

  • Dear Joe Malone.  Most of us Republicans like you and wish you well.  But MANY of us have had time to get to know Jeff Perry over the past five years, and we really like what we see.  Jeff has supported other Republicans, been out working with the grass roots and just is an overall nice guy.  Nothing personally Joe, many of us like you too, but you have been “missing” in most of the political circles for the past few years.  Now, when Jeff has paid his dues and is working hard for Republican issues, for you to think the support will just jump on your ship, well sorry captain not going to happen.  Oh and the Weld endorsement, not a great move on your part, considering how fresh his endorsement still seems of our “Socialist President” to many of us activists.    

  • To unite RMG!  Not every day the posters on this thread all agree on something, but it looks like universal dislike for former Governor turned lobbyist/Obama supporter Weld may, for this fleeting moment, have done just that…Now if we could all just agree on rejecting Baker/Tisei and supporting Cahill for Governor….

  • Joe has something to speak for in terms of the millions that were swindled from the state treasury under his watch.  That laundry stinks.  Jeff is the better candidate.  This election should be about transparency, credibility and faith in your elected officials.

  • to reading Bill Weld’s endorsement of Joe Malone was to recoil in disgust with ANYTHING Bill Weld does.  His support of Obama only cemented my opinion of him as being the antithesis of his moniker “Big Red”.

    If I lived in Jeff Perry’s district I would vote for him.  Since I do not – the only thing I can do is support him as best I can, wish him luck and pray that the voters in his district are wise enough to send Mr. Perry to Washington!  

  • That is nice, they are old friends.  But why would Joe tell anyone?   Bill Weld endorsed the Marxist candidate for President and now he endorses Joe Malone and Joe tells people.  I would keep it very quiet if it were me.  This is crazy.  

  • On the last weekend of the Senate campaign, Brown and Weld rode the campaign bus together on a high-profile barnstorming mission.  Guess that makes Brown a RINO too?  Anyway, I agree with the herd on this one:  I support Perry over Malone all day long.  Malone is a shell of his former self; a politically punch-drunk wanderer looking for a fix.  

  • As a long-time member, activist, consultant and campaign contributor to Republican candidates in this state,

    I can’t think of a better boost for Jeff Perry than to have Bill Weld endorse his major opponent. Because of this sorry

    former governor’s endorsement of Barack Obama, Joe Malone should should have rejected the endorsement.

    Much of politics comes down to judgment, and Bill Weld and Joe Malone have shown a remarkable lack of reason.

    Weld is one of the reasons the Mass GOP has been struggling for years. Brown is one of the reasons for it’s resurgence.

    Perry will just add to the vibrance.