Earth Hour Max Power-Updated

Don’t forget earth hour tonight.  

When turning on stuff don’t forget the big watt sucking items like the microwave oven, blow dryers,electric stoves and clothes dryers.

Think of it like voting, voting against being lied to, voting against a permanent underclass, voting against giving sociopathic Bernie Madoff parasites money to masterbate with.  On a global basis no less.  Voting against eugenics.

14 States suing over Obamacare, watch for zero MSM coverage of that event.

Can the IRS recruit 16,500 shotgun toting thugs?

In this Pavlovian dog/Stanford Prison Experiment society?

You Betcha!

Earth hour seems to have come and gone with merely a wimper from the what to think propaganda delivery system.  Reduction of western lifestyles via “green” initiatives will be confined to secret policies passed in the dead of night no doubt.  Anyway.

Climategate aside the new projectcamelot portal is an excellent launching pad by which to procure all sorts of information by which you can fully justify the scam of Big Al Gore as the dominant scam of the century.  It has been pre-villified as nonsense by the globalist pre-crime elite parasites so assume 90% of it completely valid.  It takes time to digest but if even .001% of this material is true you will see Al Gore as the minion of Satanic thought he truely is.

Start with Michael Schratt.

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