Druggy Rush Limbaugh Tanks On WRKO

Finally, drug addict, and cardio-compromised Rush Limbaugh has crashed on WRKO. He will now be on a low power Spanish speaking radio station in the Boston fringe signal. Yes, there is a God that this BIGOT would end up on a Spanish language only radio station.

To be sure he is being replaced with Charlie Manning – local Republican Operatchik who has the worst Boston-Irish Accent this side of Michelle McPhee the night time Screech-Walker on WTKK.

Don’t know who will listen to Charlie for more than a few minutes unless he goes to speech school to lose his scratching on the blackboard with his nails voice. Sorry, Charlie, good guy, but true. Charlie is not so bad on Channel 5 when he appears because you can see and hear him and the video ofsets his voice.

Just constructive criticism.

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  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    Clear Channel. It actually has a better range into central mass than WRKO given it broadcasts out of Framingham. And it has the same power as WRKO 50,000 watts.

    Clear channel owns the Rush Limbaugh syndication deal so this makes better business sense for them.  But yet again you prove that your are an ignorant troll.  

  • geo999

    And why don’t you use it here?

    We promise not to tell your nutty friends that you’re slumming and trolling on Red Mass Group.

  • To call names and attempt to make smears – well, that’s just the average hypocritical Progressive ‘thinking’ – childish jeering and lack of any originality or wit.

    But to represent that a Spanish language station would be a demotion – well, it’s obvious the kind of secret condescension these Democrats feel for those they claim to ‘represent’.  It’s just unusual for that mask to slip like this.