Does the Manzoli lawsuit remove all chance of Mihos garnering 15% at the convention?

Christy Mihos’ path to 15% at the Massachusetts Republican Convention next month is tenuous at best.  The grapevine had Christy pegged at a support level that was much less than the 15% of delegates needed for ballot access.  The fate of the Mihos campaign at the convention has been in the hands of the Baker campaign for months.

The talk in delegate circles has been whether or not Charlie would release enough delegates for Mihos to reach 15%.  The Baker camp must be weighing the pros and cons of that decision as I type this.  But now, does the surprise announcement of a lawsuit by Joe Manzoli, Mihos’ former campaign manager, change the math?

Manzoli had been the one forging the delegate relationships especially in  Central Massachusetts to get Mihos to his 15%.  Since it is Manzoli with many of these relationships given the recent news, will they be loyal to him or to Christy at the convention.  Here is what Manzoli told the Boston Globe.

Mihos’s campaign account, on March 15, contained $4,061, and Manzoli says in the lawsuit that placing a lien on Mihos’s home “is the only real security I will ever have” to ensure that he will be paid for his work.

“My situation is very simple, and that is I love Christy, I love his message, and all that good stuff, but sometimes you have to have tough love,” Manzoli said in an interview. “And that’s really what it comes down to. I wish him well in the campaign, and I feel terrible it had to come to this.”

Are you a delegate to the Convention?  If asked by the Baker campaign would you vote for Christy at the convention.

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