Did you get your census letter????

I got a letter yesterday saying that the census was going to send me another letter in a week.  It went on to say that I should fill out the census form and send it in.  I wondered why the hell did they send this letter saying that they were going to send another letter.  I thought it was a total waste of money.

I was not alone.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

  • how much we borrowed from China to send out meaningless letters to every household in the country.

    I’ll fill out my census form.

    Where is says “How many people were living or staying in this house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2010?”

    I will strike out “people” and replace it with “United States citizens”…..then answer the question.

    …..and leave the rest blank and put it in the mail.

    Don’t bother calling me, Big Brother.  I have caller ID.

    Don’t bother sending over an ACORN “census representative”, Big Brother…..they will be asked nicely to leave my property exactly once.

    Your Constitutional mandate is a head count, nothing more…..not 400, 40, 20, or even 9 extra questions other than “How many people live at this residence?”

  • her being not of our origin the other option was to lie.

    And yes mine will be name rank and serial number only.

    And just for you on the vaccines I will recognize the benefits western medicine does have.  I still reserve the right to claim swine flu as a globalized mass marketing effort to increase the mandating of vaccines in general for profit at the expense of people and also blame direct to consumer drug ads as eroding the former prestige of medical community plus inducing a nation of hypocondriacs.

  • nomad943

    I got a letter telling me to expect a letter.

    Such anticiption.

  • Run by the same people who call me to tell me they’ve sent me an email 🙁