Deval spends tax payer money, jobs leave the state

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The non stop barrage of bad news for Deval simply wont give up. A recent Boston Globe article detailed how the struggling solar company Evergreen Solar recently gave its CEO a enormous bonus despite the comany's servere financial troubles. The company clarified that the payout was not in return for the CEOs realization of financial goals…well that should be obvious. But what was the bonus for? According to Evergreen, the bonus was handed out for the sucessful implementation of operational goals, including outsourcing jobs to China.

This is not good news for Deval, who hand picked the comapny to recieve substantial tax payer funds. You read that right, Deval shelled out tax money to a company that is not only in terrible financial trouble, but a company that is shipping jobs out of Massachusetts.  This goes beyond a bad press dayfor Deval Patrick. Today he who can deliver on promises of more jobs is king, and Patrick has a record that will ensure he never serves a second term. To make matters worse, this highlights the failure of the hugely buzzed green industry failing to create jobs as promised by Democrats. 

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