Dem Polling Firm Names Deval Patrick As The Worst Governor In America

Deval Patrick From the MassGOP:

BOSTON – The Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling yesterday released a survey of gubernatorial approval ratings nationwide, showing Massachusetts’ own Governor Deval Patrick as the most unpopular Governor in the country, with a mere 22% approval rating.

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Nassour released the following statement:

“It’s confirmed: Deval Patrick is the worst governor in America. For three years, he’s been more concerned with getting his political supporters state jobs and growing the size of government than helping create private sector jobs. Governor Patrick has simply been a disappointment, from failing to lower our property taxes to consistently imposing roadblocks for small businesses. His failed promises are a true mandate for change in the Corner Office come November.”

PPP is a Democratic firm, but they do have a history of accurate polling.  In the 2010 special election, they were the only firm to get the result exactly right at Brown +5%.  They also had predictions withing the margin of error, had the correct winner, and better than the polling average in both the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races in 2009.

Compare this to the “other” Democratic polling firm R2000 that consistently shows inaccurate results.  R2000 out-polled the Democrats in all 3 of these races.  They were outside the margin of error in 2 out of 3 capping with the whopper of Coakley +8% in the Massachusetts Senate poll.  For more information on their follies go here.

Red Mass Group first reported on the PPP poll here.  Complete results from PPP are available here.  I have included some of the bullet points, and analysis on Deval Patrick from PPP, below the fold.



Tim Cahill: 24% favorable, 22% unfavorable.

Christy Mihos: 20% favorable, 35% unfavorable.

Charlie Baker: 17% favorable, 13% unfavorable.

Bill Galvin: 36% favorable, 16% unfavorable.

General Election:

Patrick 29%, Cahill 21%, Baker 27%.

Patrick 28%, Cahill 25%, Mihos 21%.

Public Policy Polling:

-The five least popular Governors we’ve tested are Bill Richardson, Deval Patrick, Jim Doyle, John Baldacci, and Jon Corzine while he was still in office. The only one of those folks running this year is Patrick and I have a really hard time seeing him getting reelected even with three serious candidates in the race.


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