“Deem and Pass” – DEAD!

Demon Pass Fox News:

House Democrats on Saturday decided against using a controversial tactic to pass the Senate’s version of the health care bill without an actual vote.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-MD., said he believes Democrats have enough votes to pass the legislation.

The decision capped an ongoing discussion on whether to use a so-called “deem and pass” strategy that would allow House members to approve the Senate version of health care bill without an actual vote before taking up a second “fix-it” resolution, known as reconciliation.

The Democrats hold a 9 to 4 majority on the House rules committee.  However, Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Dennis Cardoz (D-CA) have announced they will vote against the “Deem and Pass” rule.  This would still allow a 7-6 majority in favor, however the bipartisan opposition has caused the Democrats to drop this option in favor of an up and down vote on the Senate Bill.

In addition, House Republican Leader John Boehner has announced he will call for a formal roll call of the votes.  This will force each member to publicly announce their vote on the House floor.

“This weekend’s votes will be among the most consequential votes we will ever cast as Members of Congress,” Boehner says in the letter to Speaker Pelosi. “As such, it is my belief that every Member should stand before the American people and announce his or her vote as the final decision is made.”

For a full copy of Boehner’s letter go here.

Leader Boehner Delivers Weekly GOP Address on Health Care BELOW THE FOLD….

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    How many twists and turns is this health care debate and vote going to take?  

    I am hoping that this doesn’t imply that they now have the votes needed to get this passed.  If so, then we need to be alert so that we can target the people that voted ‘Yes’ to this debacle of government.  The Dems are digging their own graves and it’s Obama that is handing out the shovels…..

    I hope they all remember this when November comes around…..

  • It’s a Washington Swamp Monster. You keep killing it and it keeps coming back.