Dear Mr. Cahill: When a St. Paddy’s Day Promise seems like an April Fool’s Joke

    Okay, former Democrat Tim Cahill has come out in strong opposition to the extremely unpopular proposal of ObamaCare.  Gee, welcome to the party Mr. Treasurer!  The Republican Party has been against this healthcare debacle (and for sensible, meaningful reform) since Day 1!  In fact, why won’t we go back to Day 1 and start on over again?!  Oh well, Tim may have come lately but I suppose that we’ll let him jump on the bandwagon!

   Speaking of bandwagons, here’s the Democrat insider-turned-populist poseur.  Tim Cahill can pretend to be fiscally conservative today because he’s hoping that you’ll forget about the yesterdays.

   Cahill isn’t independent, he’s a finger-in-the-wind Clintonista.  What a profile in courage is it to join in with the opposition after Republican Party & tea party movement have taken the slings and arrows of Cahill’s recent comrades-in-arms.  Now that the polls are clearly against ObamaCare, it’s time for Tim Cahill to climb aboard!  Okay, having reinforcements for the cause is a great thing…insulting those who have spent months in the trenches by politically posing & posturing is an insult.

   Tim Cahill isn’t a fiscal conservative, but he plays one before the TV camera.  Cahill is in charge of department management and I dare say our state government could be managed a wee bit better from the treasurer’s office!  Just one example is that under the dominion of Patrick/Cahill, our state’s rainy day fun has gone down from $2 billion to $500 million.  Yes, that’s exactly the sort of so-called fiscal conservatism that I want at the helm of our state government.

   Speaking of Day 1, Charlie Baker has been calling for health care reform since he entered the race.  Charlie Baker has experience in the industry and unlike Cahill’s thrusting a moist finger into the breeze, Charlie follows a steady compass.  Charlie isn’t merely jumping aboard the bandwagon but rather he’s been leading the fight for reform!

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